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Refill and Refuel

🙌🏼😊 Today was a great day.

Every day is a great day at my local #kyillacommunityfarmersmarket , even my first day meeting you in the rain 2 weeks ago. So many of you impact-making, change-choosing, sustainable-seeking peeps remembered to bring your empties for refill, or started your #zerowastejourney to #ditchplastic for the last time, and I’m so proud of the great ripple-making conversations we had today. I’ll be back when you’re #readytorefill your household and personal liquids again in 2 weeks time (1st & 3rd Saturday of the month).

This picture has nothing to do with liquid refills. Just refilling my own fridge! Today I figured out how to be a stall owner AND shopper for the first time (#refillgoals 😅)

😧 Swipe left to check out my fridge leading up to today,

🤤 half starved, but

😑 refusing to go to the supermarket.

🌈 This waste-free goodness was worth the wait for @the_peoples_produce

#vicpark peeps better check their stocks and pack their empties. We’ll both be at #vicparkcommunitymarkets tomorrow morning so you can make your own fruit & veg rainbows whilst refilling too.

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