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1 Kilogram
  • Description:  Contain high amount of disinfectant, mild detergent and fragrances for disinfecting, cleaning, and deodorising hard surfaces. Kill COVID-19 Virus and germs under dirty condition, which means it clean and disinfect in 1 actions, no pre-cleaning is required. When applied and let dry, it form a protective barrier to continue fighting germs all day long. Also works as air deodoriser and freshener.

    • Food safe
    • Quick disinfect and clean
    • pH neutral
    • Strong fragrance
    • Readily Biodegradable

    Directions:  Spray generously onto surface and wipe clean. Or spray directly into air to deodorise bad odour.

    Application: For general disinfecting of floors, bench tops, and other hard surfaces. Also used as air freshener and deodoriser. Ideal for hospitality industry and households use.

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