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Skipping Stones Refillery
- Vision -

Skipping Stones Refillery is a retail business dedicated to eliminating disposable, single-use plastics and packaging created by current ‘normal’ consumer options.

The decision to have mobile wagons instead of physical stores is about social connection.

My mobile service allows you to buy closer to home while supporting like-minded small and local sustainable businesses who support each other in shared locations.

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Skipping Stones Refillery
- Mission -

Skipping Stones Refillery offers bulk liquid consumables for every-day personal, household and food use.

Liquids are sold to re-usable and re-fillable containers without the unnecessary waste of packaging,

to reduce your waste impact.

BYOC (bring your own container), take one for free from the donated 'Buy Nothing' box,

or purchase one to keep for next time.

Buy as much or as little as you need, without that waste either.

My products are selected for conscious consumers who value natural ingredients that are locally sourced. 

Healthy living  Healthy local economies.  Healthy planet.

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Skipping Stones Refillery



- Refillable -


single-use waste


- Ingredients -

Reducing toxic chemicals to you, your home and the planet

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- Manufacturing -

Reducing logistic waste and promoting local economy growth

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