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Tool n Things Library Inc.

Western Australia's first

'Tool Library and Library of Things'

(and we certainly hope the first of many)

TnTL aims to promote a reduction in consumption and waste,

with an increase in education and skills,

through sharing of resources and knowledge.

A circular economy built on sharing is an incredibly empowering possibility.

Sharing instead of buying reduces or eliminates wastes: raw resources harvested manufacturing costs, efforts and pollution

... in logistics and transport

... in consumer spending

... in packaging

... in domestic space

... in dated, dangerous and discontinued items, and

... in discarded items to the waste management stream,

to name but a few.

As a Founding Member and Secretary on this start-up committee, this project is near and dear to my heart. 

TnTL is a Not-For-Profit association born from the dedication of 5 passionate people, and run by volunteers.

I oversaw activities from business administration; to media, events and marketing; and budget, planning and financial management.  To say this project broadened my horizons as a Project Manager, and my understanding of waste reduction, and building strong communities, is a massive understatement.

I hope you'll consider to Like and Follow the Facebook page and see about joining as a library member too. 


Between us we have enough.

TnTL_Contact details.png
TnTL_Contact details.png
TnTL_Contact details.png
TnTL_Contact details.png
TnTL_Contact details.png


41 Britannia Rd.
Leederville, WA

(Floreat Athena Football Club

Old Turnstile Building)


TnTL Milestones

Best of the West

Best of the West

Play Video
Channel 9News, 6pm Sunday 28-February-2021
00:00 / 01:04

Our "Best of the West" grant win,

thanks to Bankwest and 9 News 🎉

ABC RadioWill Schofield, 12:40pm Monday 1-March-2021
00:00 / 07:53

Exploring what a tool library is, and the extra bonus of the "'n Things"to reduce waste.

6PR News TalkMillsy at Midday, 1:30pm Monday 1-March-2021
00:00 / 03:47

Celebrating after our "Best of the West" grant, and our plans for our winnings.

ABC RadioChristine Layton, 12:40pm Friday 14-May-2021
00:00 / 01:04

Sharing thoughts with another local tool library sprouting up @shareshedbassendean

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