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About me

All I wanted to do when I 'grew up' was travel, and experience this world through a a variety of lenses. 

I've lived where my colleagues didn't have running water or shoes, let alone a vehicle or shopping malls, and

I've lived where my friends earned more money than they could spend on SUV's, ATV's and holiday homes.

After 21 years travelling and living abroad in a multitude of different industries from youth and corporate education, to hospitality of cruise ships, ski resorts and remote oil & gas - I've seen my share of mass produced waste.

Somewhere between 13 years living in a Canadian national park, focusing my

Project Management career on streamlining corporate process to reduce waste, and

spending months in Mozambique with as many manta rays and whale sharks as people, 

I realised I needed my own project that could make a difference, starting in my heart.

Ice climbing
Mountain summits
Beach lover

About Skipping Stones

After 21 years away, I moved back to Australia. 

I was saddened by how far behind we were in environmentality and acceptance of sustainable practices. 

A switch flipped for me, so I started to document my journey towards zero-waste, and connecting to a new

network of inspirational people already on that track.

Skipping stones is the art of carefully selecting and skimming a stone across water. 

The objective is to see how many times and how far your stone can travel.

Skipping Stones is about making choices, and accountability for the impact they make. 

It's about finding new habits that bring happiness because they're

sending ripples towards something bigger than just you.

It's especially dedicated to eliminating unsustainable habits like

single-use and disposable waste created by current ‘normal’ consumer options.  

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The Lorax
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Skipping Stones



Eliminating waste and reducing unnecessary degradation of

our resources.



What's good for us, is good for our planet, is good for us, is good for our planet....



Promoting a circular economy of shared support, knowledge, and resources.

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