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Description:  This hand soap is perfect for those who want to add a touch of personality and luxury to their daily handwashing routine. Designed to be gentle on the skin while effectively removing dirt and germs.


Directions: Apply directly on wet hands, rub into soiled areas and rinse clean with running water.


Application: For washing hands.

MC_Hand Wash (Citrus & Green Tea)

1 Kilogram
  • Ingredients:

    • Coconut fatty acid
    • Coconut oil CDE
    • Sodium Lauryl Ethoxysulphate
    • Pearlescent
    • Sodium chloride
    • Parrabin
    • Water
  • Click here for Safety Data Sheet, containing:

    1. Material & Supply Company Identification
    2. Hazards Identification
    3. Composition Information
    4. First Aid Measures
    5. Fire Fighting Measures
    6. Accidental Release Measures
    7. Handling & Storage
    8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
    9. Physical & Chemical Properties
    10. Stability & Reactivity
    11. Toxicological Information
    12. Ecological Information
    13. Disposal Consideration
    14. Transport Information
    15. Regulatory Information
    16. Other Information

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