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A selection of 6 baking basics, prepared by local WA spice merchant Culpepers, ready for your baking inspiration, and showcased with your choice of hand-crafted wooden presentation.

Refillable with your favourite flavours, at your local bulk refill store.


1. Allspice - 36 g

Used to add flavour to sausages, BBQ and pasta sauces, as well as when cooking with fruits such as baked apples, banana and other dessert dishes. Allspice can also be used as a substitute for cloves in sweet meals. and is great in chutneys and relishes.


2. Cardamom (Ground) - 30g

Cardamom is an essential ingredient in Curry Mix. It is often used in Indian Cuisine. Great with vegetables, fruit pies and meat dishes.This spice is valued in chocolate recipes like brownies and cookies, or it can also enhance your coffee.


3. Cinnamon (Ground) - 44g

Used in dessert recipes such as apple pie like Nanna used to make. Applied to sticky cinnamon buns, tea, coffee and liquors.


4. Cloves (Ground) - 34g

Used to add flavour to meat, seafood dishes, curry, meat marinades and cooked fruit desserts such as apples, pears and rhubarb. It has a pungent aroma and a sweet and spicy flavour.


5. Ginger (Ground) - 28g

Used in confectionery, biscuits and cakes and also in beverages such as ginger beer. Adds a zing to dishes and is often in Asian Cuisine. It is a really versatile spice.


6. Nutmeg (Ground) - 38g

Ground nutmeg is often used as a spice for soups, potatoes, vegetables & other savoury dishes. It can be added to rice pudding, cookies, cakes, or sprinkled over milkshakes. Often a component of various spice blends, it has a sweet & strong-tasting flavour.

Refillables: Baking Basics (Test-tube set)

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