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A selection of 6 flavourings, prepared by local WA spice merchant Culpepers, ready for your gin-making DIY adventure, and showcased with your choice of hand-crafted wooden presentation. 


Start with a basic white spirit (eg vodka), add juniper berries required for the gin process, and experiment with your personal blend of aromatic additions.  Leave it to process for a few weeks, then sip your way to finding your favourite blend.


Refillable with your favourite flavours, at your local bulk refill store.


1. Juniper Berries - 26g

Used to give "Gin" its distinctive flavour, Juniper Berries' pine-like flavour is spicy & refreshing. Freshly crush & finely chop before adding to the pot, blending well with others spices & herbs like paprika, oregano, sage, rosemary, marjoram or thyme. Often used to flavour game meat, soups & casseroles, or season pork, cabbage or sauerkraut.


2. Cardamom (Pods) - 30g

Cardamom is an essential ingredient in Curry Mix and often used in Indian Cuisine. Great with vegetables, fruit pies and meat dishes, this spice is also valued in chocolate recipes like brownies, cookies or coffee.


3. Cassia/Cinnamon quills - 18g

Mostly used in desserts and beverages but can be added to any dish. The good quality, dried and rolled bark of the Cassia tree is a common substitute for cinnamon, with more flavour and substantially cheaper.


4. Lemon Myrtle - 18g

A popular Australian native herb with a lemon lime fragrance and sweet lemony taste. Adds as a rub on fish, chips, chicken and roast vegetables; a unique flavour to cheese. pasta or pasta salad; or combine with fresh mango to make a great prawn marinade.


5. Pepper Medley - 40g

The Green, Black and White peppercorns come from the same plant, but the Pink Peppercorn is quite separate.


6. Star Anise - 10g

Closely resembles anise in flavour, Star Anise is a major component of garam marsala & five spices, traditionally added in soups, Chinese dishes or Peking duck. Used in baking & liquor with cooked fruits in casseroles desserts.

Refillables: Gin Kit (Test-tube set)

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