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A selection of 6 seasonings of the world, skillfully blended by local WA spice merchant Culpepers, and showcased in a magnetic lidded jar.

Magnets to your fridge, knife strip, or purchase a magnetic strip to mount.

Refillable with your favourite flavours, at your local bulk refill store.


1. Lemon Pepper - 36g

A seasoning made from granulated lemon zest, cracked black peppercorns & salt.


2. Chemoula - 36g

A North African recipe blending spices, garlic and herbs with a lemony undertone. It is used as a savoury dry spice for seasoning fish or chicken and used to make a marinade or a fish sauce.


3. Thai - 42g

A mixture of spices that gives a "Thai" cooking flavour to a dish.Can be added to meats, vegetables and salads.


4. Za'atar - 34g

Embodies eastern mediterranean cooking with an intensely aromatic & ancient spice blend of sesame seeds, sumac, cumin, pepper, salt & a blend of herbs including thyme. A balance of citrus, woodsy & earthy notes to flavour everything from grilled meats to fresh baked bread.


5. Double Smoked - 44g

Adds an extra smokey flavouring to foods that obtain that outdoor cooking flavour without the fuss of an open fire. Apply as a meat rub prior to cooking.


6. Tandoori - 30g

A mixture of spices commonly used in Pakistani, North Indian & Afghani cooking. This blend gives a smoky flavour to dishes. Delicious with meat even more before barbecuing.

Refillables: Seasonings of the World (magnetic jar set)

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