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With your new-found habit to re-use your favourite bottles, instead of throwing them away when they're empty, you might want to put them on display conveniently and attractively for refilling and daily use.


These quality matte black stainless steel wall brackets attach securely to the wall to house your refill bottles.  Fits all Skipping Stones 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml PET and glass bottles.


Sold individually for $9.


Includes double-sided adhesive.

Consider if you need one each for shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower, and sanitiser, hand wash and moisturiser for the bathroom or kitchen sink area.

Wall Bracket, Stainless Steel

  • Each bracket comes with a strip of sturdy double-sided tape, to affix to your preferred wall surface.

    1. Ensure the surface off the bracket and the wall are absolutely clean and dry, free from all moisture, soap scum, dirt build-up or fingerprints.

    2. Measure and mark with a pencil or erasable marker where on the wall you'd like the bracket to hang.  Ensure it is straight, at an appropriate height for use by the whole family, and in a safe and appropriate location so that it is not likely to be bumped by anyone/thing, or have the water stream leaking into your products.

    3. Peel and affix one side of the tape to your bracket.  Vertically is best to combat it's weight and gravity.

    4. Without handling the sticky surface, peel the other side of the tape and carefully affix the bracket on the desired wall location.  Take your time, as trying to move or remove it will reduce the strength of the tape.

    5. Press and hold firmly against the wall for 2 minutes, to ensure a close contact.

    6. Do NOT attach any bottle or weight to begin.  Let your brackets remain on the wall overnight to set, keeping as dry as possible.

    7. Once you are certain that the seal is firm, and the bracket is firmly in place after a day or two of hanging and shower use, gently screw your bottles and lids through the bracket opening, monitoring that the seal is still firm under weight.

    I've had mine securely attached and supporting 500ml/g weight of liquid on each for several months, with no indication that it's likely to come unstuck.  These simple steps are critical to ensuring the first seal is strong.  If you are worried about the possibility of breakage, use lightweight PET re-usable bottles for refilling.

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