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“The new bodywash

is beautiful. 

It feels silky smooth,

is low in suds and

has an exotic fragrance.

Thanks also for adding distilled water for my CPAP machine and taking care of our environment”

Skipping Stones Refillery_Refill bottles_Sophie Hirt Photography..jpg

“I've used the laundry liquid, glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner - they're all great products!

I especially am amazed by the laundry liquid -

it's getting out some tough dirt from my 6 year old boy!

The service is always amazing and I feel great doing my bit for the environment”


“I'm very happy with service and products, especially the laundry liquid. 

The price is less than half the other bulk providers that I've been trying for the last few years. I try hard to cut down plastics, but can't afford to pay upwards of $12 per litre”


“I am impressed with your service. Reusing containers is my main motivation for trying your products and so far I'm liking the quality”

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“Super friendly service and

great products


environmental agenda!”

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