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Whilst some of Skipping Stones' bulk suppliers offer a buy-back rebate system for my bulk containers to be refilled for re-use, which makes me really happy, and all offer at least the chance for commercial recycling, Skipping Stones' values promotes reuse as the foremost option before the energy-cost of recycling.


For this reason, and because I love to get out in nature to plastic and garbage-free oceans and parks as often as possible, these mobile shower sets are available with your choice of re-purposed 15L or 20L water drums to clean up from your adventures.


12v lead to your vehicle's 'cigarette lighter' plug-in, with on/off switch, water pump, variable water pressure, and suction cup/hook attachments. 


Wash the icecream off the kids, wash the sand off the dog, or rinse off after a surf, dive or camping date with Mother Nature.


Compare the price to Anaconda, BCF or Bunnings, and make a $ saving at the same time as eco-saving new plastic from being produced.

Shower set

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