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Description: A unique blend of biodegradable detergents and disinfectant in citric acid formula for easy cutting through the thickest soap scum while removing the toughest mould from underneath. Also effective for removing scales, dirt, hard water deposit & grime, leaving bathroom shining clean and germs free. Contain no bleach, no ammonia, no caustic ingredients. 


Directions: Spray generously onto surface, scrub and rinse away. For more stubborn stain, allow no more than 30 minutes to penetrate, then scrub and rinse away. Repeated treatment may be required for heavy hard water build-up area.


Application: Ideal for cleaning mould, soap scum, scales, dirt, grease & grime from showers, glass, sinks, baths, floors, vanities & toilets.


1 Kilogram
  • Ingredients:

    • Benzalkonium Chloride  < 5%
    • Phosphoric Acid  < 2%
    • Citric Acid  < 10%
    • Ingredients determined to be Non-Hazardous  = Remaining
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