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Description: RinsePro is an effective rinse additive that speeds up drying and improves the cleanliness of washed crockery, glasses and cutlery. It contains a unique blend of low foam surfactant which lower the surface tension of water. So instead of forming droplets, water spreads into thinner sheets that roll right off your dishes, providing streak-free & spotless results.


Directions: Add into dishwasher dispenser as per machine instructions.


Application: Rinse additive for domestic and commercial automatic dishwashing machines.


1 Kilogram
    • EO/PO block copolymer < 5%
    • Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylated < 5%
    • Ethyl alcohol < 5%
    • Ingredients determined to be Non-Hazardous - Balance
  • Click here for Safety Data Sheet, containing:

    1. Material & Supply Company Identification
    2. Hazards Identification
    3. Composition Information
    4. First Aid Measures
    5. Fire Fighting Measures
    6. Accidental Release Measures
    7. Handling & Storage
    8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
    9. Physical & Chemical Properties
    10. Stability & Reactivity
    11. Toxicological Information
    12. Ecological Information
    13. Disposal Consideration
    14. Transport Information
    15. Regulatory Information
    16. Other Information

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