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WAC_Floor Cleaner

1 Kilogram
  • Description:  Contains biodegradable detergent blend and germicidal compound for gentle yet effective removal of soil and grease. Kill germs, clean, and deodorise effectively in 1 step. When applied and let dry, it form a protective barrier to continue fighting germs for many hours.Very quick acting cleaner and degreaser for both light and tough cleaning jobs.

    • Clean and disinfect
    • Gentle for all hard floors
    • Australian pine oil
    • pH neutral
    • Readily Biodegradable

    Directions: Dilute with water (1 to 50 Parts), apply with mop and allow to dry. No rinsing required. Or dilute according to individual preference.

    Application: For general cleaning and disinfecting of floors. Suitable for all hard floor types including timber floor.

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